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Team Garcia is the first and only team in Singapore that is powered by local R&D and technology innovation. Melvin Lee, the co-founder of Team Garcia was the inventor of the QuantumMech hub, currently in its 10th design iteration. It is perhaps the smoothest hub in the market today.

In 2022, the Garcia Zeru became Singapore's first UCI approved racing bike frame. A feat we hold great pride in.

We are also honored to have on board Mr Lim Seng, who is the former Corporate CTO rep APAC for Airbus Group and Singapore's defence scientist as our R&D Advisor. Mr Lim is also the founder of IN.Genius, who initiated the First Singaporean to Space project.

"Don't reinvent the wheel" is bad advice.

the story

After coming in 4th in the National Individual Time Trial competition, Yanda was selected to join the National Youth Development Squad, but he decided to drop out after two sessions. It broke many hearts that it did not work out.

An idea was soon conceived to raise sponsorship so that raw talents would not be consigned to the wayside. The thought of supporting one boy in that morning grew rapidly amongst the few seniors.

By evening, the dream became something more audacious - the forming of an Association, with a proper support structure.

"Why should we care?" The answer is "Why not?"


Cycling is life-changing. Within the community, life-long relationships are forged. Taking care of each other on the road spills over into life off it.

For the youths, it is an opportunity that goes beyond the pedal. They learn life skills such as teamwork, punctuality, communication, leadership, networking and taking personal responsibilities.

However, not every talented youth can afford this sport.

We exist to fill this gap.

28th Mar 2020

Garcia Test Team A - Rotating paceline at a constant 43kph
with Goh Choon Huat, 2019 S.E.A. Games bronze medalist


Creating a safe and nurturing environment for sustainable development and growth


It is imperative that our cyclists operate under the safety of their physical limits. We pay attention to avoiding injuries due to a lack of strengthening and over-training.

To sustain long endurance rides, the calculation of how much carbs and other nutritions come into play, including rest and recovery regimes.


At the RNE bike shop, the home of Garcia, riders are trained on the job and undertake actual servicing work, including wheel building.

Cycling involves man and machine integration in a profound way. We conduct workshops and discussions to deepen knowledge and understanding around the equipment and every key part of the machinary - the bike.


Team Garcia collaborates and consults with national cyclists and podium winners who are also professional physiotherapists and sport trainers. Using ride data from sensors, we are able to track progress and Key Performance Indexes.

These data allow our analyst to derive insights about each and every rider. Advisories are then given on their training parameters and nutritional requirements.


Before you drop in, here's what you need to know


  • Team above self
  • Togetherness
  • Participation

To be on time is to be late. Showing up early for all training is your first commitment in GTT. This is how we know that we can entrust you with more responsibilities within the team as you progress.


Our first principle is to identity raw talents and provide you with a conducive platform to grow in. We take joy in seeing your hardwork and consistency yield from strength to strength.


Most new riders start in the Garcia Test Team B (GTT-B). Your overall performace would then determine if you would be elevated into GTT-A, which is the first race team.

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"It always seem impossible until it is done."
Nelson Mandela

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